Tri-County Final Municipal Candidates


These are the final qualified candidates running for mayor in the municipal elections in the Tri-County this summer.


  • Mayor: Justin McKenzie (R), Reed Houston (R), Harry Griffith (R), Scope Newsome (D), Glenn McKenzie (D)
  • Alderman Ward 1: Wendell Hammond
  • Alderman Ward 2: Jason Stringer, Tyler L. Berry, Robert “Booger” Sandifer, Mike Kuyendall
  • Alderman Ward 3: Anna Martin Evans, Renee Galloway
  • Alderman Ward 4: Todd Pittman, Gwendolyn Hammond, Mike Smith
  • Executive Committee: Danon Jones Vest, John Sabine, April Cook, Ernest A. Buhrer, Mark P. Vest, Ann Atkinson Simmons, Bonnie M. Dillon, Tabitha Nelson, Tawanda Ball, Lena Thompson, Doree A. Plowman


  • Mayor: Charles Dumas, Michael Caldwell
  • Precinct 12: Willie Davis, Keith Bridges, Randy Stamps, Rudy McNease, Moochie Speights, Jamie Cochran, Levi McRaney


  • Mayor: Jared Evans, Martha Watts, Tory Williamson
  • Alderman Ward 1: Jerry W. Goode, Donald Walters, Eula VonShay Ward
  • Alderman Ward 2: Prodous Keith May, David Penny
  • Alderman Ward 3: Judy McAulay Grimes
  • Alderman Ward 4: Karen Jolly Hill
  • Alderman Ward 5: Bobby Joe Herring, Renea O. Rayborn

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