Columbia, MS
Mostly Cloudy
Feels like 62°.
Humidity: 89% Dew Point: 59°
Clouds: 92% Pressure: 30.11 in
Wind: SE 5 mph Visability: 10 mi Conditions as of 10:35pm
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64 39
Heavy rain until evening.
96%   91%
7:57   6:27
54 31
Clear throughout the day.
6%   11%
7:57   6:28
52 33
Partly cloudy starting in the evening.
4%   12%
7:56   6:29

Here's What's Happening

Three Arrested in Drug Bust in Marion County

On Wednesday, the Marion County Sheriff's Office executed a residential narcotics search warrant at 43 Brumfield Cutoff in Foxworth. Investigators found nearly an ounce and a half of Methamphetamine packaged for distribution, over three ounces of Marijuana, and several firearms.Those arrested were identified to... Read More.

Former Water Association President Arrested

The Marion County Sheriff's Office arrested Marcus Hull for the charge of embezzlement today. The Sheriff's Office with the assistance of the Mississippi State Auditor's Office has conducted an investigation into missing funds of the Gilead/Improve Water Association in Marion County. Through the investigation... Read More.
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