Spring Squirrel Season Opens May 15


Mississippi’s spring squirrel hunting season opens May 15 and closes June 1. The bag limit is four squirrels per day.

Unlike fall and winter hunting, during the spring squirrel hunting season, acorns and other nut crops will not be available. Squirrels use a wide variety of foods in spring, such as fruits, berries, mushrooms, and insects. Although visibility is reduced because trees have their leaves on, hunters can still rely on movement and sound to locate squirrels. In addition to sighting squirrels, hunters can locate squirrels by listening for barking and other vocalizations.

On public lands in particular, there may be more people participating in non-hunting recreational use during the spring season. Visibility can be reduced by spring vegetation growth, so hunters should be especially aware of what lies beyond their target at all times. For those in search of a place to hunt, most of Mississippi’s public lands will offer spring squirrel hunting opportunities, and most allow squirrel hunting with dogs. However, anyone planning to hunt public land should consult the regulations for those areas. Some may have season dates and rules that differ from general, statewide regulations.

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