Mississippi’s Early Canada Goose Season Opens September 1


Mississippi hunters will get their first wing-shooting opportunity of the fall when the early Canada goose season opens September 1. This season is open to help manage Mississippi’s population of resident Canada geese, which can become overpopulated and create nuisance problems in local areas. This year hunters will enjoy an expanded hunting season, which closes September 30, giving hunters the entire month to pursue these birds. Hunters should be sure their hunting license is current for the 2016-17 hunting season, complete with Harvest Information Program (HIP) registration for Mississippi, as well as state and federal waterfowl stamps.

Canada geese can be found in a variety of habitats during the September season. Key areas to scout for geese are large bodies of water like lakes and reservoirs, harvested corn fields, farm ponds, and even hay fields where geese typically return to the same locations daily. “Scouting is very important during this early season. Resident Canada geese are often well patterned in their daily movements,” explains Houston Havens, Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks Waterfowl Program Coordinator.   

The bag limit for September Canada geese is 5 per day with no more than 15 in possession. Shooting hours are from 30 minutes prior to sunrise until sunset. Hunters should remember that non-toxic shot must be used for waterfowl hunting. In areas where dove hunters may have a chance to harvest Canada geese, only non-toxic shot should be used for the day’s hunt. 

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