Jefferson Davis County Sports in Jeopardy


There will be a rally held by the Jefferson Davis County School Preservation Action Group at the Superintendent of Education office in Prentiss on Monday, November 14th at 4:00pm. The Superintendent and the School Board have been sued by the JDC School Preservation Action Group, through three of its’ members, seeking an injunction to halt any further efforts to realign the schools beginning Fall 2017.

The Superintendent and Board refuse to act properly in reporting separate schools of Prentiss High and Bassfield High for 2017 and 2018 to the MHSAA in attendance so that both schools will be able to participate as part of the MHSAA for those years. Without those numbers reported, the two schools will be forced to participate as independent for the next two years with no sports of any meaning; very few, if any games, no playoff participation, and the real possibility of coaches and student athletes leaving the district. This will also create the daunting task of trying to rebuild in the future.

The JDC School Preservation Action Group needs your help on Monday, November 14th, at the rally at the JDC Superintendent of Education office in Prentiss at 4:00pm to preserve schools in Jeff Davis County and the sports associated.

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