The prolonged period of dryness the area is observing has led to parched vegetation and an increased fire weather threat. According to area forestry commissions and the United States forest service.

These conditions have made outdoor burning increasingly hazardous. The combination of dry vegetation and daytime relative humidity values in the 25-35 percent range, will result in an increased threat for hazardous fire weather conditions today. Expect the humidity to increase on Wednesday, with afternoon minimum relative humidity values remaining higher through the rest of the week, lowering the fire weather threat.

Conditions are such that a spark from equipment, the heat from a catalytic converter, or any direct heat source could start a grass or brush fire. Do no throw lit cigarettes on the ground. Please extinguish and dispose of them properly. When barbecuing, take the utmost care. Do not dump ashes unless you are certain they are completely out. Lie coals can burn for as long as two days after being used. Please continue to heed all local burn bans. Remember, wildfires place area forestry commissions, fire departments, and other fire control agencies in life threating situations and can endanger communities. Please use caution and help prevent forest and grass fires.