Born and raised in Chicago, Jason Addams has spent years looking for the elusive “perfect radio moment.” “I know people say radio is different today but that’s not true.  People have always wanted the best songs and fun entertainers who talk about what they are interested in.  If you can make them laugh, think or feel at the same time, you win.” The “perfect radio moment” is when all the right elements collide at the same time.  “You’re playing the hottest song, talking about the biggest pop culture story of the day, a caller delivers the funniest line and you’re done in 20 seconds.  That’s the moment.” Jason is addicted to that moment.  Jason’s own mother will tell you.   “Jason told me to tell you he is addicted to that moment.  I’m not sure what he’s talking about.”  Jason’s mom can deliver a line with the best of them.

After 5 years studying radio and television at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Jason began his radio trek as a morning dj, programmer, janitor, van driver, mascot, coffee schlepper and occasional host and joke teller.

After successful gigs as a morning DJ and programmer in Austin, Indianapolis, Little Rock and Lansing, Jason found himself competing against a giant in the radio industry. “I was beating Mike McVay like a drum at the station across the street when he called me.  Ask him.”    “Jason told me to tell you he was beating me like a drum at the station across the street when I called him.”  McVay never liked that story.  Now he’s the Senior Vice President of Programming for the 2nd largest broadcast company in America. McVay hired Jason as a programmer and ops guy for Cumulus’ new Nash Campus in Nashville. For two years he’s helped and supported the launch of nationally syndicated Nash Nights Live and America’s Morning Show.

Jason’s passion and pursuit of the perfect radio moment lands him back on the air in afternoons on the legendary 95-5 WSM-FM Nashville, along with 30+ other affiliate stations on the Nash Icon Network. “Jason told me to tell you that he sounded like he had been on the station for years on his first day.”  WSM PD Charlie Cook understands a comedic premise.

Jason has 3 daughters and an ex-wife so he knows how to take orders and be wrong.  He loves guacamole, writing and has a passion for Crossfit.   A supporter of adoption services, veteran’s affairs and pet charities, Jason is looking forward to supporting the Nashville community and adding his voice.